Buy the Blazer is a modern day business consulting firm specializing in providing comprehensive guidance and strategic support to online entrepreneurs. With deep expertise in the digital landscape, digital marketing, and emerging trends, Buy the Blazer Consulting assists powerful female entrepreneurs in optimizing their online businesses, maximizing growth potential, and staying ahead of the competition.
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Founded by Ashley Bennington, a visionary with immense business development experience, Buy the Blazer takes pride in its team of seasoned consultants who possess a blend of expertise in online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, technology, and online business strategy. With a deep understanding of the industry, our firm offers customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of online entrepreneurs. By harnessing our collective knowledge, we empower clients to achieve sustainable growth, maximize profitability, and establish a formidable online presence in today's fiercely competitive landscape.

Each one of our consulting offers is carefully curated to ensure you can experience huge shifts in elevating your business, achieving massive sales milestones, and crafting a brand with immense impact.

to launch your online business & hit five figures
Define - Attract - Convert - Deliver

A self study 12 week accelerator program to help you learn the foundations needed to create your first five figures of sales. We will introduce you to our signature framework, and take you from 0 to signing clients in just a matter of a few weeks. If you've ever wanted to launch a coaching or online service based business, this program will help you with every step of getting started.

To grow to six figures
Define - Attract - Convert - Deliver

A six month mastermind and group coaching container for coaches and online service providers looking to achieve consistent growth & sales within their business. We will be deep diving into the foundations of your business to achieve the outcomes you're personally desiring. Business owners looking to hit 10k months and six figure annually, this program is for you.

to scale to multiple six figures
Define - Attract - Convert - Deliver - Elevate - Expand

A six month mastermind and group coaching container for coaches and online service providers looking to scale their business into multi six figures. In this container we will be focused on a scalable and sustainable offer suite, elevating your sales & marketing for maximum conversion, while implementing strategic automation and maximum efficiency across your business.

Introducing The Proven Buy the Blazer Signature Framework
The Buy the Blazer signature framework was designed to bring massive clarity and structure to your specific and complex business needs. This is why regardless of your company size, values, goals, or offers, we have a solutions that remain relevant and ahead of the curve. Unlike traditional online coaching businesses rooted in outdated business strategy, we are able to work directly alongside our clients to take tangible steps towards achieving their business objectives and drives real results.
Define - Attract - Convert - Deliver - Elevate - Expand
join the industry's one stop shop for marketing & sales strategy support

Unlock unparalleled success in your business with the industry's premier hub for maximizing your marketing and sales potential. Experience unrivaled growth as you attract and convert customers with powerful marketing strategies, irresistible sales tactics, and game-changing brand elevation techniques

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Buy the Blazer is a business consulting firm designed to provide a high end experience for business owners at all stages.

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