I'm calling all future millionaire CEOs,
overachiever 9-5ers,
serial side hustlers,
#workfromanywhere gals
to stop saying "someday" and make someday, today.
We've helped hundreds of future million dollar business onwners do the most important thing required to hit 7 figures... starting.

However, like most new business owners, it's hard to know what to prioritize Day 1. And we find all the time that most new business owners focus on all the wrong things that keep them from scaling and effortlessly signing on clients with powerful, highly desirable offers.

So we decided to lay it out for you step by step.

We want starting a business to be focused on the most important things: getting your brand out there, selling your offer, and signing on dream clients. No more over complicating the process of starting - we're ready to help you focus on what will make the biggest impact.

We know exactly what you need to know in your first 90 days
Because we have a rinse and repeat proven framework that takes all the guesswork out of what it takes to launch a successful, sclalable business Day 1. In 12 weeks we're going to give you every tool, training, and resource you could possibly need to make sure you kick of your entprenuership journey with total confidence.

Define --> Attract --> Convert --> Deliver

Week 1: Crafting Your Dream Business From Your Unique Brand Story // Creating Your Custom Business Goal Roadmap, Outlining How to Create Authority Based On Your Unique Skills & Knowledge, Outling Your Business Plan

Week 2: Building Your Brand on Social // Setting up your social accounts & how to start marketing yourself, Understanding and implementing creating a community and brand identity on social

Week 3: Mastering Your Audience // Defining Your Unique Niche & Ideal Audience, Defining Your Ideal Client, How They Buy and How to Sell to Them

Week 4: Create Your Signature Framework or Solution // Introduction to Signature Frameworks, Getting Feedback On Your Methodologies & Framework from the Buy the Blazer Team

Week 6: Creating Your Initial Offer // Choosing Your Program Softwares & Setup Tutorials, Pricing Your Offer & How to Make Your Price a No Brainer, How to Setup An Application & Purchase Workflow Process

Week 6: Launching Your Offer // Start to Finish Launch Checklist with Feedback From the Buy the Blazer team, Master how to Sell Our Your First Offer and Increase Initial Sales

Week 7: Convert & Sell Like a Pro // Mastering Your Sales Process & How to Convert Your Dream Clients, How to Sell on Calls & the DMs with our signature sales framework & scripts

Week 8: Delivering a Top Tier Client Experience // How to Overdeliver & Get Repeat Sales From Your Customers, Mastering an Influx of Clients, Keeping Your Business Organized, Keeping Client Information Organized

Weeks 9-11: Refining Your Content Strategy & Increasing Your Leads // Using client feedback and testimonials to enhance your content, Perfecting your audience messaging, expanding your marketing plan

Week 12: Reflection & Taking Your Business To Six Figures // Scaling from 10k to 100k Training, Determining next steps for the scalablity of your business

We make it easy, and you get amazing support along the way
Let's deep dive what you get:

Daily mighty networks support from our existing community of over 150+ entrepenues, Ashley, & the Buy the Blazer team

A portal of over 80+ hours of high level trainings, resources, and tools that will help make the process of launching your business effortless

Direct chat access to the Buy the Blazer team for custom support & feedback with continuous support during and after your completion of the program

The Disruptive New Business Blueprint program guide, outlining every key action item and launch step to keep you on track

Imagine if in just three months you were able to:

Design a business that you love your own business with unlimited income potential

Leave your 9-5 officially (or know that you are well on your way to replacing your income)

Work anytime and anywhere from your phone, laptop, and with total control of your own schedule

Work anytime and anywhere from your phone, laptop, and with total control of your own schedule

Increase your savings, create the pathway for early retirement, spend #FU money because you finally have it, and give back to the people and organizations you love

No longer work for the man, and instead become the man - creating a life by design

Wouldn't you like to look back in a year and say
"My six figure business all started with that ONE decision to bet on myself"?
It all starts with the Disruptive New Business Blueprint

Payment Plan Option

$ 387
x 4 Months
  • 12+ Training Modules
  • Private Online Community

Buy the Blazer is a business consulting firm designed to provide a high end experience for business owners at all stages.

We specifically work with disruptive brands to help them generate major buzz.