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Day 1 Starts Here

For new business owners looking to land their first 10 dreamy clients, We have a rinse and repeat proven framework that takes all the guesswork out of what it takes to launch a successful, scalable business Day 1. In 12 weeks we're going to give you every tool, training, and resource you could possibly need to make sure you kick of your entprenuership journey with total confidence.

With a Strategic Partner

In our collaborative growth hub, your vision and our expertise entwine to form an unwavering partnership. The dawn of your enterprise becomes a symphony of innovation, merging your aspirations with practical strategies. It's not just about starting; it's about soaring, supported by a community that understands your journey. Together, let's march ahead as you script your tale of triumph, empowered by the understanding that each step forward is fortified by the wisdom we've woven into every aspect of your 12-week transformative journey.

Backed by our Signature Framework

The Disruptive New Business Blueprint is our answer to our audience's request for a seamless roadmap to launching a powerful, future 7 figure online business. Regardless of your dream to launch a coaching business, web design agency, social media company, or anything in between - our proven framework has you covered.

Identity – Authority – Conversion – Delivery

Week 1: Crafing Your Dream Business From Your Brand Story + -

Create your custom business goal roadmap, outline how to create authority based on your unique skills & knowledge, outlining your business plan

Week 2: Building Your Brand on Social + -

Setting up your social accounts & how to start marketing yourself, understanding & implementing creating a community & brand identity on social media

Week 3: Mastering Your Audience + -

Defining your niche & ideal audience, defining how to attract your ideal client, and then how to market & sell to them

Week 4: Creating Your Own Signature Framework or Method + -

Introduction to Signature Frameworks, how to get feedback on your methodologies & frameworks from the Buy the Blazer team

Week 5: Creating Your Initial Offer + -

Choosing your program software & setup tutorials, pricing your offers and how to make your price a no brainer, how to setup an application & purchase workflow

Week 6: Launching Your Offer + -

Start to finish launch checklist with feedback form from the Buy the Blazer team, selling your first offer & making your first initial sale

Week 7: Converting & Selling Like a Pro + -

Mastering your sales process & how to convert your dream clients, how to sell on calls & DMs with our signature framework & scripts

Week 8: Delivering a Top TIer Client Experience + -

How to deliver and get repeat sales from your customers, mastering an influx of clients, keeping your business organized, keeping client information organized

Week 9-11: Refining Your Content Strategy & Increasing Leads + -

Using client feedback & testimonials to enhance your content, perfecting your audience messaging & expanding your marketing plan

Week 12: Reflection & taking Your Business to 6 Figures + -

Scaling from 10k to 100k Training, Determining next steps for the scalability of your business

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Your dream business begins with a single decision to start. We make that decision possible for any budget.

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  • 12+ Training Modules
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